Personal Injury Cases

Car Collision

L.M. was driving home one day along Convict Hill Road in Austin, Travis County, Texas.  As he approached the intersection of Convict Hill Road and Brush Country Road, the traffic light controlling his lane of travel was green.  At the moment L.M. entered the intersection, a vehicle turned directly into his path and caused a T-Bone collision.  As a result of the collision, L.M. broke his knee and had surgery to correct the damage.  When L.M. presented his claim and medical bills to the insurance company for the driver that pulled out in front of him, the insurance company rejected his claim, and took the position that their insured had a protected green arrow.

L.M. didn’t know what to do.  He was unable to sleep, work, or perform his normal everyday activities and the insurance company was giving him the run-a-round.  L.M. decided to hire a lawyer to represent him.  After visiting with different law firms, L.M. selected us to represent him because it was important to have each of his questions, phone calls, and emails answered directly by his lawyer.  In the end, we were able to prove L.M.’s case and achieve his goals.

“They guided me through the whole process and encouraged me to go forward.  They gave me hope when I was discouraged, and because of their efforts, hard work, and diligence they brought my case to a generous resolution.”

Motorcycle Wreck

J.P. was riding his motorcycle southbound along Airport Boulevard in Austin, Texas, when he was struck by a vehicle that made an illegal turn directly into his lane of travel.  The force and location of the impact sent J.P. skidding across the pavement causing him to suffer broken bones and severe road rash.  J.P. was transported from the scene by EMS to the Emergency Room.  J.P. underwent surgery on his ankle and months of rehabilitation and other Doctor visits.  The collision was taxing on J.P.’s life and completely interrupted his normal schedule.  When he came to our office, J.P.’s injuries had caused him a great deal of confusion, worry, anxiety, and fear. Our level of personal attention and commitment to keeping our clients informed throughout the process was what J.P. appreciated the most.

“I got hit by a car on my motorcycle.  I called the Rubin Law Firm and went in to meet with them.  After that, I didn’t have to do a thing.  They kept me informed on what I needed to know, I sent them any information I had from home, and that was it.  Then at the end I signed some papers and got my check.  They sent all of my creditors checks so I didn’t have to.  My life was affected very little by the whole process.”

Wrongful Death / Products Liability

D.G. was lost in a tragic head-on collision when a tire blew out on the front passenger side of a UPS truck along Texas 95, near Elgin, Texas. D.G.’s family was devastated over their loss and heavily relied on their strong faith, family members, close friends, and their community in the months that followed. There is no greater loss than that of a loved one, and the loss of D.G. will forever be felt in the hearts of those that loved him and knew him best. On a referral from a fellow personal injury attorney, D.G.’s family retained our services in order to achieve two goals: Closure and Healing.

We were able to facilitate the family’s goals by providing a direct and consistent line of communication between our lawyers and each family member, keeping everyone informed throughout the entire process, and directly answering every question they had.

That made all the difference to D.G.’s family.

“Very dedicated, hard working attorneys who care about their clients. They have been great about keeping us informed every step of the way in regards to our case. They are always asking if we have questions, and if we do think of something later, to give them a call. They are friendly and easy going, but when it comes down to asking the tough questions and getting the answers…they do it. We recommend the Rubin Law Firm whole heartedly. You won’t regret it.”